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History of the Band


In 1998, a small group of pipers and drummers came together to form Lee County Pipes and Drums.  Making it's first performance at the 1998 Oktoberfest, it has been, from that point forward, a welcoming home for the beginner and the accomplished alike.  Duncan MacLachlan, as Pipe Major helped to build a strong and lasting foundation with close knit charter members.  The charter members are listed below.



Duncan, born in Scotland, played with the 1947 World Championship Shotts & Dykehead Pipe Band.  After he emigrated to Canada, he helped found several bands including Grade 1 Waterloo (Ontario) Regional Police Pipe Band, of which he was PM.  With his wife, Jenny, herself a champion dancer, he founded the Cambridge (Ontario) Highland Games.  Duncan is credited with influencing some of the major pipers of today, including Ringo Bowen and Jim McGillivray.


In the Spring of 2000, Duncan passed away at his home in Ontario.  In his honor, we wear the Clan MacLachlan tartan.



George Cook stepped up and took over as Pipe Major until 2002.  At that time, William Ferrigno became the Pipe Major. Tom Scott joined us as Drum Major in 2003.  Today, William Ferringno is Senior Pipe Major and Music Director and George Cook leads us as Pipe Major and Band President.  Lee County Pipes and Drums has grown to a band of 48 members and counting.

Lee County Pipes and Drums has made great strides from our humble beginnings and we continue to grow everyday.  The band members exude a feeling of family, friendship, and honor for our heritage and the history surrounding piping, drumming and Celtic music.


Lee County Pipes and Drums 1999 Charter Members

Jim Alvord-Piper
George Cook-Piper
Dave Dines-Piper
Carol Dines-Tenor Drummer
David Goodhue-Piper
Jim Henderson-Snare Drummer
Bill Hopkins-Drummer
Pete Lawrence-Drummer
Stuart MacDonald-Drum Major
Duncan MacLachlan-Pipe Major
Jim Niccum-Piper
Jim Nugent-Bass Drummer
Doug Priestly-Tenor Drummer
Tony Proctor-Tenor Drummer
Jim Raftery-Piper
Ann Reesman-Piper
Jim Reesman-Piper/Drummer
Mary-Alice Reesman-Piper
Bob Smith-Snare Drummer
Doug Wilson-Drummer
Scotty Wishart-Piper



Silent Pipes / Silent Drums
Click here for memorials to those band members we have loved and lost.







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